We’re never too young to experience the benefits of an energy session

In fact children are more often open to receiving healing and connecting to their inner wisdom than adults are.

Being highly sensitive many can struggle to fit into this fast paced and stressful society. More than ever they need our support, understanding and techniques to guide them throughout their formative years…and onward into adulthood.

I’ve worked with children for over 13 years and know they can flourish when they feel safe and supported to creatively express themselves rather than trying to ‘fix’ themselves to fit in.

The sessions I offer are calming, enjoyable and empowering. Using a combination of Reiki, Sound and Soul Guidance children leave feeling heard and nurtured; with practical tools to assist them to celebrate and connect with their unique self.

The gentleness of these modalities is perfect for the tiniest of souls including babies.

Depending on the age of the child either a 45min ($100) or 30 min ($80) session will be recommended. Sessions are offered from our beautiful new healing space in South Geelong.

What to expect

Sessions are similar to adults yet the language is simplified and specific for children’s needs and understanding. For further details see here.

“Thank you so much. My daughter felt fantastic after working with you. She didn’t want to get off the table! I’ll be rebooking her next appointment.”


“It was such a wonderful session today. I loved seeing their little faces as they both accepted the energy from the singing bowls in their own individual ways. I came home with two very happy little boys. The twin who the appointment was for (normally very quiet) was so very giggly and chatty. Thank you so much for creating a session tailored so perfectly for little babies. It wasn’t in any way overwhelming for them and they were free to just be babies. xxx”


To book your session or for further information please contact me here

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