I’m always appreciative of a heart felt Thank You!

“Definitely an essential service. Sue your healing energies assisted me with my ‘overwhelm’ during the last lockdown. Fortunately I was able to visit your hub recently and enjoyed a nurturing Reiki and Sound Healing session. You have the skills to know exactly what I need at any given time. I am so grateful heading into this lockdown knowing you are just a phone consultation away. We are blessed to be able to have access to your beautiful nurturing, peaceful, calming energy during these challenging times. Thank you”


Sue is very down to earth and guides sessions in such a considered and nurturing way that I feel safe enough to relax and get what I need from them. I always find something that I can easily use in my everyday life to improve my outlook and well-being. Sessions are invigorating, mindful, respectful, reflective and relaxing I always leave in a better frame of mind, ready to take on the next day whatever it brings!”  


Thank you for our beautiful Reiki weekend. I honestly didn’t expect to come out feeling the way I do. I feel it was perfect timing. I needed to come home to myself, be with like minded souls, heal and feel safe, still, gentle and held. It is lovely that in only two days my soul feels deeply loved, calm and nurtured. I have so much energy, clarity, hope and optimism. It has given me the boost I needed and reminded me of what lights me up and where I need to be. The special group of women added to the uplifting and soul nurturing experience. What a powerful circle of profound, beautiful and loving women. You are a shining bright light Sue! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, passion and knowledge in a safe and peaceful environment. I have so much admiration for you. You are truly an angel and I am forever grateful that we crossed paths. You have made such a huge difference in my life!” 


“Reiki 2 on the weekend was incredible. I actually have no words, but it felt life changing. So honoured to learn from you, it was really special, thank you for holding the space so beautifully and sharing your wisdom!”


“Feeling grateful for a session filled with delight! You are a magical being and I’m so glad we have connected.”

Catriona – Finding Your Feet

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise while guiding our students to connect with their mind, body and soul.”

Christie Walter – Infinite Dance Studios

I would recommend you in a heartbeat. Thank you Sue for your amazing guidance and healing nature.”

Marion – A Place Of Calm

“So grateful for the Soul Guidance I received during a phone consultation. It was enlightening; affirming of how my soul journey is unfolding. I am to trust the process and let my true creative self shine. Thank you.”


I was lucky this week to have another genuinely beautiful, moving session with Sue. If you’re in need of guidance, space and healing, she’s my go-to.”

Katie – Seedblog

“Even healers need healing sessions. Thank you Sue for my beautiful nurturing session today.”

Lea – Connected Energies

“Thank you so much for yesterday…so glad I finally made an effort to see you. I feel heaps lighter in my chest and more relaxed…so thank you again.”


“I had the most amazing experience with you this afternoon Sue. I’m still buzzing! I can’t thank you enough. I took away so much from our session. You are an amazing lady! x”


“What an impact you made in mine & Suz’s lives! Lots going on since our sessions with you, thanks so much for what you do! “


“Sue, I can’t quite explain how incredible I feel today…so released from all the negative emotion that has been haunting me and so full of joy and love. Thank you for your time and your heart in guiding me to find this feeling. You are precious.”


“Thank you so much for being a part of our Parrwang Youth Arts Early Years experience.  For bringing your fun, loving and engaging, positive self that allowed our young fullas to connect and engage with you so easily.  As I mentioned in my voicemail, you were just brilliant! I can appreciate the planning and resource preparation that went into your activities.  So relative to the kids’ interests and culture!  Love the references to our Australian animals and landscapes and seeing so much joy in our kids dance and song and reflection in relaxation mode…. 😉 It truly was wonderful to watch how you delivered and your connection with the kids. They responded to you and your session beautifully, even us big kids, families too. Love your work and we’d love to have you join us again next year, if you’re interested.”  

Kylie Clark – Parrwang Coordinator – GPAC

“Sue conducted a meditation session as part of our Year 12 Retreat. We were all impressed with how effectively she taught and practised the skills with such a large group. The girls responded enthusiastically to her session and reported that they got much from it personally and enjoyed it very much. They thought her meditation brought to the Retreat a chance to learn a new skill and a chance to be ‘relaxed’. They also thought it was an important relief from the heavier talk-based sessions. The other staff who were there were very pleased with the way she integrated the meditation into the theme of the Retreat and into the focus on mindfulness. Thank you Sue for being willing to work with a large group and still manage to give them all encouragement and guidance. It was great. I strongly recommend Sue for her knowledge of meditation practices, for her gentle and spirited style and for her willingness to adapt her session to our needs.”

Richard Jones – Assistant Principal – Clonard College, Geelong

“On Sunday I attended a relaxation workshop for the members of CHIP. We learnt many ways to relax including dancing, singing, meditating and breathing techniques. The importance of using kind words and being positive were also two points that we focused on. Taking turns breathing through one nostril then out the other, writing down words that made us happy and dancing around crazily to music were just three fun activities that got reactions straight away from everyone there. It was an amazing experience filled with life long skills to take home. Thank you to the CHIP for organising this event.”


“Thank you so much. My daughter felt fantastic after working with you. She didn’t want to get off the table! I’ll be rebooking her next appointment.”


“It was such a wonderful session today. I loved seeing their little faces as they both accepted the energy from the singing bowls in their own individual ways. I came home with two very happy little boys. The twin who the appointment was for (normally very quiet) was so very giggly and chatty. Thank you so much for creating a session tailored so perfectly for little babies. It wasn’t in any way overwhelming for them and they were free to just be babies. xxx”


“Sue offers skill and sensitivity through her well being and health services. She gives wise intuitive counselling and a very nurturing and supportive treatment.” 


“Sue, Thank you for an inspiring afternoon session at Suma Park last Thursday. All participants enjoyed their ‘time out’ and particularly enjoyed your gentle manner. I was so surprised by their willingness to embrace the ‘singing’ component and thought our efforts to be excellent. There was quite a buzz of enthusiasm for the remainder of our nurturing day. We would love to welcome you back for a similar session. Thank you from all the carers.”

Pamela – Barwon Health

“Can’t thank you enough Sue, you truly are a beautiful and talented soul. xx”


“I just wanted to express so much gratitude to you and  your beautiful practice. I have seen a huge shift, an incredible shift in the health of my belly and womb. For the first time ever, I have completely painless menstruation. No PMS, no pain. I’ve talked to my belly every day since we met and it has paid off incredible dividends. After our session  on Saturday I feel so renewed, so loving and so open. I’m so incredibly excited about how the universe is now opening to me. Thank you for guiding me so graciously. You are a beautiful soul.”


“Sue is such a beautiful soul. She is caring, nurturing, fun, intuitive and full of wisdom. I’m really enjoying learning an array of modalities for my spiritual tool kit. 
Tuesday nights just go way too fast. Thank you Sue for being you.”


“Sue you are wonderful, passionate, generous and full of fun.”


“Sue’s intuitively guided compassion and focus on flowing health for everybody are delivered with a gentle and warm humour. Her sessions are always an uplifting experience – truly valuable on every level. Thank you Sue for sharing your radiant self and knowledge x”


“Sue’s melodic tones lulled me into another dimension. The nurture sessions expanded my awareness in many different ways and provided a platform for self discovery. I am truly grateful”


“Thank you for your kind and intuitive session. You have given me lots to go on with and helped shift my focus and be more open to my perfect imperfections and fears. I am grateful to have you to help me on my journey.”


“I can’t thank you enough for the reading. I knew I needed to talk to you! So blessed to have your guidance. xx”


“I think of you with love and gratitude Sue for what you are helping me with. Usually I fake these kind of feelings until I make them but in this case they flow naturally out of my experience of being encouraged to go deep inside and authentically allow whatever is there to be there. Xx”


“Sue’s nurture classes and workshops help me feel nourished and uplifted. Each session is a highlight as Sue shares simple and accessible ways to feel more joy, more confidence and more connected. Sue’s knowledge, kindness and generosity are all remarkable.”


“A really fun workshop with something for everyone of all ages and abilities. Singing, sound, moving and shaking along with affirmations together with the most relaxing meditation I have ever experienced. I would really recommend Sue’s Nurture sessions for anyone wishing to have a little time out for themselves, leaving them feeling renewed.”


Sue’s workshops are an offering of peace and personal empowerment with deep respect, gentleness and light. Sue facilitates a safe and loving space of allowance to explore your own gifts of creativity. I always feel so good afterwards. Thank you.”

Toppy – Providence Creative Wellbeing

“Thank you Sue, once again you offer just what we need to nurture, restore and refresh ourselves in body, mind and spirit- in ways that are fun, creative and energising. Empowering everyone with your warmth and kindness!”


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