Nurturing Workshops

Over the past 12 years it has been my pleasure and privilege to provide nurturing workshops to a wide variety of participants from all walks of life. Discovering and developing life changing self-care and spiritual practices have made the world of difference in my life. I feel fortunate to have seen the difference it has made in the lives of others too. 

You are invited to recharge, relax and rejuvenate as you create, play and tune into your inner wisdom. 

Meditate, move your body, sing, enjoy gentle reflective/creative activities or learn healing techniques.

Utilise effective and simple methods to help you to live the life you desire and deserve!

Workshops are offered on site at our beautiful new healing space in South Geelong or at your workplace/venue of choice.

You Matter – Kids Workshop

Sue Lawson and I present a fun and practical workshop to help young people identify and work with their emotions and feelings. Drawing on our years of experience working with children we share exercises from our book ‘You Matter – Be Your Own Best Friendto empower and support their wellbeing. Suitable for primary children aged 8 and up.

Workshops are also available in primary and secondary schools and other educational settings for students and teachers.

Previous clients include: Maribyrnong Library Services – Footscray Library, Stella Maris Catholic Primary School.

For further information or to book please contact me.

Sound Healing & Meditation

Relax, unwind and recharge in these nourishing workshops. Soak in the healing vibration of sound and be guided through a Yoga Nidra meditation allowing the mind and body to come to a place of stillness, balance and harmony.

60 min sessions are offered at 7pm once or twice a month in house. Cost $35

Next Sessions: Tuesday 20th June 7-8pm

For further information or to book please contact me.


Chant & Chill

Sing, chant and meditate as we invite the body, mind and soul to a place of inner harmony and deep relaxation. The songs are simple, enjoyable and suitable for all…even those with little singing experience.

60 min sessions are offered at 7pm once or twice a month. Cost $35

Next Session: TBA

For further information or to book please contact me.

Reiki I & Reiki II

Reiki comes from the the Japanese word (Rei) which means ‘Universal Life’ and (Ki) which means ‘Energy’. It is a subtle and effective form of hands on energy healing that may assist in reducing stress, stimulating the immune system, relieving the pain and symptoms of health conditions and promoting overall wellbeing.

We all have the ability to connect with our own healing wisdom. Tuning in to the Universal Life Force Energy channelled through Reiki allows that healing energy to flow more freely and powerfully within us.

Learn the Usui System of Natural Healing in a small, safe and supportive group. Sessions are offered several times a year usually across a weekend from 10am – 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Reiki Level I You’ll Learn…*History of Reiki *How it Works *Chakras, Colours & Crystals *Sound & Scent *Hand Positions *Reiki for Self, Family & Friends *Animal & Plant Reiki

Reiki Level II You’ll Learn… * Reiki Symbols *Distance Healing *Pendulum & Chakras * Etheric Fields & Auras *Reiki for Clients *Setting up a Practice

You’ll Receive… *Level I or Level II Attunements *Certificate *Tea & Nibbles *Support & Guidance

Level I – $425

Level II – $525

Next Training Dates: TBA

For further information or to book please contact me.

“Thank you for our beautiful Reiki weekend. I honestly didn’t expect to come out feeling the way I do. I needed to come home to myself, be with like minded souls, heal and feel safe, still, gentle and held. It is lovely that in only two days my soul feels deeply loved, calm and nurtured. I have so much energy, clarity, hope and optimism. It has given me the boost I needed and reminded me of what lights me up and where I need to be. The special group of women added to the uplifting and soul nurturing experience. What a powerful circle of profound, beautiful and loving women. You are a shining bright light Sue! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, passion and knowledge in a safe and peaceful environment.” Clem

“Reiki 2 on the weekend was incredible. I actually have no words, but it felt life changing. So honoured to learn from you, it was really special, thank you for holding the space so beautifully and sharing your wisdom!” Kate


Nature & Nurture

In collaboration with Naturopath and Myotherapist  Alice Wilson these educational and enjoyable sessions offer a blend of natural medicine and nurturing activities. 

Workshops include :

Nourish Body & Soul Explore how the physical body & emotions are linked, what imbalances look/feel like and discover simple tools to bring balance back into your life. Herbal Teas, Iridology, Meditation, Sound Healing.

Teen Health – Supporting and empowering teens in a fun and informative way. Nutrition, Energy Support, Sleep, Mood, Emotional Self Care, Mindfulness, Breath Work, Understanding Hormones, Yoga Techniques

Workshops are offered in clinic throughout the year or by request in your workplace or studio. 

Previous clients include: Infinite Dance Studios

For further information please contact me.


Workplace Nurture 

These revitalising and inspiring workshops are perfect for adults and children alike and would be a positive and uplifting program to include in your workplace, healthcare or school setting. Participants are offered the opportunity to experience joyous and gentle nurturing through music, singing, reflection activities, movement and meditation.

Previous clients include: Barwon Health, Bluebird Foundation, CHIP Geelong, Clonard College and Seaire Yoga

For further information please contact me.


Sound Healing Workshops

Music and sound enliven, relax and heal. Sound Healing uses the vibration and frequency of instruments or the voice to enhance a state of wellness in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Tuning into different sound and energy frequencies can have a powerful influence on how we feel and heal.

This nurturing Sound Healing workshop will provide you with the opportunity to re-balance and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Learn simple and effective ways to clear blocks, raise energy levels and soothe the soul.

Connect to the healing power of your own unique voice using gentle voice toning techniques and beautiful heartfelt chants. Play with powerful ‘Seed Sounds’ to create your own Soul Song for healing and balance. Soak in the uplifting and healing energy of sound as the session concludes with a blissful meditation and sound bath.

You certainly don’t need to be an experienced singer or meditation expert to benefit from and enjoy this fun and empowering workshop.

Sessions run several times a year or can be booked for a workplace or private group function.

Previous clients include: The Loft Dance and Yoga

For further information please contact me.

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