You Matter

You Matter – Be Your Own Best Friend is a recent collaboration with award winning author Sue Lawson.

Written for primary school-aged children this book is filled with easy and practical activities to help children recognise their emotions and feelings. It offers fun and varied ways to understand and navigate any feelings that may arise.

It’s a reminder that “No feeling is good or bad. Some may make you feel comfortable, while others may make you feel uncomfortable. It’s important to remember that you are not your feelings. Feelings come and go but you are always there”.

You Matter is mindfulness, self-care and empowerment all in one little book!

Published by Wild Dog Books and illustrated by the talented Prue Pittock this delightful and nurturing book feels like a warm hug.

Released – March 2022. Find it at your favourite bookseller or at our Yarra Street Healing House.

A delightful, accessible and creative resource to support young people’s wellbeing. The clear explanations and practical exercises offer choice, empowerment and independence in developing self awareness”.

Belinda Densley – Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy

“Fantastic for young people to develop a positive sense of self and personal awareness. This book gives them the tools they need”.

Kerryn Williams – Teacher, Masters of Wellbeing

This book is a great guide for understanding your feelings. Doing the exercises helped me feel clear and calm”.

Emily – age 12

” A brilliant resource and a must-have for anyone interested in promoting wellbeing in children and teens”.

Trish Foran – Classroom Teacher

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