Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses the vibration and frequency of instruments or the voice to enhance a state of wellbeing in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. We are also vibrating matter and tuning into different sound or energy frequencies can effect how we feel and heal.

Drums, crystal bowls, chimes, chanting and toning are all effective in shifting our energetic ‘blocks’, harmonising our inner being and bringing us back to a place of balance.

Sessions invite you to be immersed in the loving energy of Reiki and soak in the uplifting vibration of Sound

  • Experience a deep and blissful state of relaxation
  • Bring balance and harmony to your body and mind
  • Activate and support your healing process.

As a singing teacher and musician I have seen the transformative qualities of sound and the deep healing it can provide. In my experience the harmonious combination of Reiki and Sound compliment and amplify healing on many levels.

Sessions can be booked for 60 mins ($120) or incorporated into a 90 min Soul Guidance and Reiki session ($180).

I highly recommend that first consultations are 90 minutes as it allows time to see what needs to be revealed, healed or supported.

Sessions are offered from our beautiful healing space in South Geelong.

Group Sound and Meditation Workshops are also offered.

Vocal Toning And Healing

One of the most powerful tools for self healing is the voice. Be guided to use the power of your voice to uplift your energy, remove blocks and bring balance and healing to your mind, body and spirit. You certainly don’t need to be a singer to access these enjoyable and effective techniques!

To book your session or for further information please contact me here

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