What does wellbeing look or feel like for you? Is it an energised body, a clear and switched on mind or calm and balanced emotions? Perhaps it’s something completely different. 

Visualising and naming how we would like to feel is the first step to creating that reality in our lives. Taking action to ensure our needs are being met and our whole self is being nurtured is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves…and those we love. When our inner well is full we feel revitalised and centred. Sharing the overflow of this energy with others then becomes an easier and more enjoyable experience.

It is integral to support our physical and mental wellbeing by exercising, eating nourishing foods and getting enough sleep, however it is also extremely important to not overlook our spiritual and emotional self. When we nurture and honour our spiritual/emotional needs on a regular basis it allows our inner wisdom to emerge and guide us toward healing, happiness and harmony. 

Healing doesn’t usually happen overnight…but it can happen with commitment, care and time. When we look at our self holistically we begin to understand that there are many ways we can support our healing process. Being open to the wisdom of age old healing techniques along with current health information and new discoveries allows us to not only see the root cause of any ‘dis-ease’ in our mind and body but guide us toward our own path of wholeness and health. Mind. Body. Spirit. Holistic and conventional medicine can certainly walk hand in hand providing balanced personalised care and treatments tailored to each individual.  

Sometimes in life we don’t necessarily find a ‘cure’ or need to be ‘fixed’ but we can find acceptance and a sense of peace as we attend to our self care. Learning to love and accept ourselves just as we are, shadow and light, flawed and fabulous can play an important part in nurturing our wellbeing. When we open to the idea of loving ‘what is’ we then open to a deeper and more supportive relationship with our self. Each person will have a different expectation or understanding of what healing, wholeness, wellbeing and peace means to them. Regardless of how different we are it’s always important to feel supported, cared for and respected. 

Energy and Sound Healing are gentle yet powerful modalities that work on many levels and can be safely used to compliment mainstream medicine or incorporated into a relaxing self care routine. Soul Guidance offers us the opportunity to delve deeper within ourselves to reveal what we need to embrace or resolve to move forward and flourish.

If you would like to treat yourself to some deep relaxation, activate your self healing process or dedicate a small amount of time each week to nurturing yourself you may be interested in attending one of the well-being sessions I offer in South Geelong.

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