We invite you to join us on our Singing and Well-being Retreats!                                           

I am a born nurturer and do so though listening, sharing, making divine music, leading meditation, being ridiculously funny and teaming up with my best mate Belinda! 

Belinda McArdle is passionate about singing for fun, empowerment, expression, healing, connection and growth. She’s pretty funny too!

On retreat both Belinda and I share excellent songs, incisive instruction, love and support and lots of fun. You will be immersed in a world of song, nurture, beautiful food, relaxing accommodation, great rapport and space to be your best you. Come along.

Spring Retreat 2018

The Singing And Wellbeing Retreat will be held at Phoenix Park, Ballan from 07 September – 09 September 2018.

Here are 6 things we would like you to know… followed by the booking form.

In order to provide a retreat that includes several workshops, food and accommodation at the most affordable rate we can determine please know the retreat is camp style. This time we have found a venue that is for adults and we are very happy to report this is not a school camp.

There is a range of accommodation options. At the high end you can book into one of the 3 ECO Houses which are self contained, fully equipped, en suited and with separate bedrooms. If you wish to book an ECO house you will need to have a group of 4. (If you wish to have a 5th person by sharing a Queen or double in your own room please contact us for re-pricing.)

Most people will be in dorm accommodation which is very lovely. The rooms are cosy, carpeted, with great heating and cooling and comfortable beds with all linen supplied. Please note there are not bathrooms in these rooms. Showers and toilets are located in the amenities block which is mere paces away from the dorms. We want to make this clear however we are also very comfortable that we are offering lovely accommodation and we will stay in the dorms ourselves. You do have the option of bringing your own linen for a discounted fee. Please ask about that if you wish.

Belinda and I will collaborate more on this retreat so as participants you do not need to choose between our sessions very often. We have some fantastic sessions planned combining the very best of what we have to offer. You will have every opportunity over the weekend to sing, to relax, to meditate, to laugh, to step out of your comfort zone, to snuggle inside your comfort zone, to take the stage, to retreat. Everything is optional but this retreat offers everyone more than ever without feeling you are missing out.

The Variety Show on Saturday Night is always a highlight of retreat – whether you are the type to take centre stage or to kick back with a wine having a laugh. The venue is perfect for a proper show so here is your 3 month notice to work up your dream song or act…there will be microphones! Be daring or, if that is not for you, enjoy being part of the group sound interspersed throughout the night.

Going out for dinner pre-show on Saturday gives us all a chance to dress and head out. This year we will go to Wallace Pub – 10 mins from the camp and offering beautiful, reasonably priced food. Dinner is not included in the retreat fee.

Upon booking you will receive a confirmation of your accommodation type and the payment information and terms.

A $200 deposit is required with booking and the balance by August 1.

We hope to see you there!


© Sue Hindle 2018